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Read Fushengliuji have feeling

If one day the book to be made into a television series ,the heroine must belong to Angie Chiu .This is my hair in a forum post ,the wonderful friends make me unforgettable ,now turn to section :I miss my sister snow and sister J ,also hope that they can see ( one day .
Where I is the ID WOshi** ellipsis ,now under the name woshi** small mud people .Excuse me) read &lt ;six chapters of a floating life is &gt ;&lt ;six chapters of a floating life &gt ;author clear Shen Fu ,Suzhou .
He is missing wife and wrote a biography of his wife ,Chen Yun ;the book detailed account of the two brief but memorable love life .Six chapters of a floating life floating code from Bai &quot ;as ,to a geometry &quot ;?Sentence .
The Taiwan famous all of Mr. Lin Yutang as his book preface wrote: I think ,Chinese literature is the last the most lovely woman ,she not the most beautiful ,because the author of the book ;her husband ,and no such praise.
But who can deny that she is the most lovely woman ... Book Yun Shen Fu &quot ;&quot ;claims of the uncle wife is the daughter of Mr. X Y .The book described: &quot ;Yun .
Long ,with red, three up ten fingers to support &quot ;the virtuous from it .See ;embroidery leisure ,gradually through chant .She made &quot ;autumn invasion of figure thin ,Cream Dye chrysanthemum fertilizer &quot ;the punchline .
As the fiancee Yun and Shen Fu the same year ,but showed him ten months ,the marriage is still customary call the wife Sue .The complex was the mother said :&quot ;if the child choosing a woman ,a sister of her not to marry &quot ;visible two feelings deep, mother also love Yuner soft and elegant ,namely to remove the gold about refers to Diyin Yan Shen Fu writing in the book the engagement when fiancee at the scene :&quot ;.
.. The body of light ,only new shoes .The embroidered with delicate ,consultation crisis ,was the wisdom not only in the text .The shape of those long ,thin not explicit, curved eyebrows show.
Gupanshenfei ... &quot ;two people loving is remarkable ;&quot ;Yu Shen is the night . hunger makes feeding ,and to date preserved in more than ,be sweet. dark hold more than a sleeve, with the chamber .
.. &quot ;his fiancee from cuff out goodies to Shen Fu ,the result is caught ,became the laughing stock of the people .In Shen Fu was praised his wife ,he wrote :&quot ;one day ,Yun asks ;various ancient ,in what is ?I replied &quot ;national policy ,agile ,the Kuang Heng Liu to take its elegant healthy ,history changes Ban Gu take the broad .
Take ... As an investor .Not ,the wisdom to comprehend the ear &quot ;. :I said &quot ;Tang Yishi take person ,and poetry in the field will push Li Bai ,Qing Aizong who is &quot ;?Yun hair on said: &quot ;Du temper pure ,clear romantic poems ;and learn Du Zhi Sen strict ,not if Lee lively &quot ;.
Thus Yuner wind color and elegant character . It is affectionate wife first unexpectedly Shen Fu go. Its affection ,copy from rolia .In this paper ,according to the table ;&quot ;... I said: you really mean by &quot ;&quot ;homes .
.. Of the more than hand ?But more to speak,The dealer's type, a handicap special phenomenon analysis, only intermittently superimposed words in &quot ;&quot ;two words. I time and again ,already cannot - the painful tears two .A spirit .
.. Gone. Shi Jiaqing was unimportant ,even GUI Hai March 20th also .When it is, a light ,find no kin to turn to ,the heart broken .So this hate ,that its have extremely !Shen Fu in a choking sighs: &quot ;alas !A woman, with man mind is ,to Wumen ,days run food ,lack of sister appears ,from not.
And home furnishing ,but the text is on just ... More than negative close friend &quot ;Shen Fu in the future .So frequently in some and his wife living together in memory days often ran up the candle ;hope Her dream, its affection Qi ,a sigh .
.. .later Shen Fu had &quot ;not as a monk, but monk .All the world, taste ,all tired heart ,all the edge of the world ,is now wanted to ... Poetic is solitary ,both poetry and painting will be realized .
In order to Zen &quot ;emotionally detached .Shen Fu in the book describes her and his wife had to Yuner outskirts lived :&quot ;hedges Qian adjacent old purchase chrysanthemum ,times .
September blossom ,with Yun in ten days. be fond of ;he was when the monarch and divination built on this ,buy a round the house garden ten acres ,class and feather ,and melon vegetables ,for salary.
You draw me embroidery ,thought the wine poem needs .Cloth paella ,coke life ,does not need to be made far more than deep plan also ,but the &quot ;after Shen Fulai .His wife to return ,think of her desire ,not tears in Tao Tao &quot ;Ersi has lost, but time &quot ;.
Feeling ,good a poetic masterpiece through the ages !More than lovers ?!I said &quot ;Tang Yishi take person ,and poetry in the field will push Li Bai ,Qing Aizong who is &quot ;?Yun hair on said: &quot ;Du temper pure ,clear romantic poems ;and learn Du Zhi Sen Yan Li ,learn lively &quot ;.
Thus Yuner wind color and elegant character .It is a pity loving wife first unexpectedly Shen Fu... Note ;for without losing the original Meaning ,the original Fushengliuji is connected with a small mud .
WOshi** in June 25th following is a friend of the reply: ZYC310803 6-25six chapters of a floating life,famous long ears ,not read .If six chapters of a floating life but only four lost recorded two mark ,four mark ,I think to write down their wife two record wedded bliss and rough notes about best ,leisure in the reading of the words is very complex intolerance ,wave travels fast notes from King many more now ,few words have their charm person very little, I have not the heart to cover ,inadequate reason .
Coincidentally ,recently just contact roll a boudoir recorded music ,the remaining three volumes ,volume three of leisure in rough notes about the joys of travel ,do not have enough time to finish ,is probably to be the book with more space ,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott,narrative author and wife Chen Yun .
Two interests ,mutual respect to considerate ,a married couple very much in love ,promised a coarse cloth and simple fare in art as a pleasurable occupation life. You read the feeling ,it can help me to understand this article ,thank you.
Many years ago, bought the about eighty published in the Qing Shen Fu ( three white ) of six chapters of a floating life ,after reading the book down .Text smooth ,exquisite article ,Shen between husband and wife the warmth like flowing water Slowly drifting out.
The version of the book with a Lin Yutang et al evaluation of the book .Shen Yun Lin for Chinese literary works in the most beautiful woman. After reading I deep agree. From the reservoir of porridge to double fresh sauce boat to and foolish sworn ,matchmaking ,revealing the traditional woman gentle virtuous lovely.
The illustrations for the sketch ,is very characteristic .Last year to Suzhou ,specifically to the book describes the warehouse Pavilion wave tracing .Fushengliuji originally had a ,after the loss of two .
When I bought that version chapters have. Said is a later written by this is my book .Then give, until now is still very reluctant. A few days ago to see the bookstore of Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House published a memory with - in six chapters of a floating life ,but does not include the two record.
The illustrations and the different ,for the traditional Chinese painting. Though this book and the slightly less than ,but also does not lose a good library. Ashamed ,had not seriously read ,today to see the landlord ,caused me to read it again ,now to see .
And you all share ,salute !Small mud man woshi... 6-25days to reply:Oh ;music ;volume five ,Zhongshan history volume six health in mind Tract is now complete. Zhao Tiaokuang gets five, six volumes for Mr.
Wang Junqing found ,he printed in &lt ;this series &gt ;when the six chapters of a floating life was included in the .&quot ;he was ,as Zhiying rabbit fur ... &quot ;I find the whole ;is Gansu People Publishing House ,1994Marchfirst edition ISBN7-226-01264-2/I.
323 ZYC310803 replied:Fushengliuji like a piece of pure crystal ,saw a sight lining gel color ,and subtle ,not made mark .&quot ;at first glance appear trite and insignificant ,read the heart swing shift .
A mortal soul all the passions and joys all display in the side of the text ,not affectation ,unpretentious, do not exert oneself and touching .Nowadays from the reality and hot and cold world ,reread six chapters of a floating life ,want more with its unique charm .
Thank you all provide a platform for the exchange, benefit .Small mud people woshi** J sister replied :Fushengliuji lyrical prose ,the love language ,emotional. The spring season for Li Bai the brother peach plum garden motif in " as ,to a geometry &quot ;meaning, it was entitled six chapters of a floating life .
The volume is titled boudoir Housing recorded music .the shrine in rough notes .wave travels fast Zhongshan calendar health notes .This deposit four Kee ,after two record has been lost .
In the author ,Yun is such a woman :the shape of those long, thin not explicit ,eyebrow curved eye is beautiful ,look to God to fly ,only two tooth bowl ,is a good phase visible Yun is not beautiful ,but desirable ,what ?About author and wife Chen Yun .
Two interests ,mutual respect to considerate ,a married couple very much in love ,promised a coarse cloth and simple fare and engaged in art as a pleasurable occupation life the book is worth reading .
Small mud .WOSHI** reply : Thank you wonderful !My sister as Mr. Lin Yutang sequence in the period of feeling ;&quot ;this is his wife ,Shen Fu ,described her too ?I think the reader reader book will otherwise agree with me .
He did not save I-Yun or he your faults. We can see the author of the book itself also said that the love true spirit and the Chinese culture is the most characteristic content indifferent adaptive nature.
I had thought, the usual scholars is how a person, can cause his wife this pure love ,and not the negative of this love ,take it at all times and in all countries literature .The most tender and delicate boudoir music records .
Three white ,three white ,and no soul ?His family grave in the outskirts of Suzhou mountain ,if we are lucky ,or could be found . If do, I want to prepare fragrant fruit ,to bow down to pray in the two Qing soul before, no crime too ,in their grave and I will whisper .
.. &quot ;Mr. Lin is very touching ,feeling that I read it two times. I really like Lin Yutang ,he is seen in six chapters of a floating life is his order to fall in love with Shen Fu and Yuner ;who knows I can not charge !I hope my sister often ,induced with ZY310803--6-26 !Reply: I read Fushengliuji still don where there is three.
It is Shen without produce no industry ,a court official ,three white father, Jiafu but is not included in the official national cadres to serve as adviser to sb. ,preparation ,but everywhere to &quot ;his home &quot ;,holds the exclusive tsunatsune norm .
The Mid-Autumn Festival ,&quot ;Wu Su ,women are late or you are out in small ,swim ,walk the moon called l r.&quot ;at least as well-off people daughter-in-law of mother ,in the next adjacent Canglang Pavilion ,and &quot the old servant ;shilling about keep person do not put idle &quot ;,like evil Princess The empress visit it.
Then the family is in straitened circumstances. ,&quot ;a female name of green man, at the age of fourteen ,quite know the book and best quality service ,and fortunately the hard code &quot .
See as pretty as a flower ;the girl shy ,hand baggage ,street to street ,between the pawn ,Adidas Wings,but sad tears .&quot ;etiquette not vulgar &quot ;,especially not the poor daughter ,is a historic shift of proverbs.
Volume I, I most like the sections of the MM three white couple moved to Xiao Shuang building period, Yun mother excuse free ,with husband tour of Taihu ,but also can be said to be the most thrilling shake jouissance .
Read chapter the landlord was the forum all articles ,are very popular ,a feeling of regret we didn . Eager to close small clay figurine WOSHI** reply :Thank you for your love ,love the same ,a tripod ,cover period so have done just fighting words ;crowd ,meet what Changxi fish ;Qiu fish which show ,only in the cobble fine drowning ;no pollution and barking tip load ;fair and just under the lotus effect ,status of Cher ,sister J heavy Yi .
Wang homes also have a resting here in confusion, not about you ?Thank you ,feeling the district Foundation Ding ,Eph has Jun material. Only shadow isolated branch ;often falter .
.. Very agree .Confidante ;life is like a thin ,Lang female .Complex causal ,made by fate .It seems only such understanding ,.Price is not the same. In general ,the phrase already showed clue :.
.. Hope that July ,vulgar Ghost Festival. Drink to drink preparation ,long ,and dark night clouds such as ... A light such as beans ,mosquito net hanging ,Gongyingbeishe ... Is also the elderly not final trillion .
Shen Fu this through .This may be in writing this article with Fan Jun determined to Buddhist indigo volunteer ;otherwise he would raise significant &quot ;his home &quot ;in Qing due to release from Confucian interpretation significantly .
As the land of the Theravada .Zen channels of the Mahayana ,was close boat paddle in the Confucianism ;Shen Fu &quot ;they observe strict &quot tsunatsune norm ;seem to is in reason .
Thank discuss ;encourage criticism. Salute June 26th ZY310803 replied: floating dream mm Shen Fu Fushengliuji after reading &quot life ;they what Le ?To steal a free half-day &quot ;in atypical pneumonia attack China SARS period ,in a far away from the bustling metropolis of atypical Town ,in an after-hours about atypical dusk ,I work in a small shop to find Shen Sanbai six chapters of a floating life .
He Shen Mingfu ,word three white ,was born in Qing Dynasty of Kang Qiancheng world scholar ,was born in a thin a capital a family of scholar ,career nothing is known Canal place ,down bumps ,sometimes to the justice secretary ,then do a little business ,talk to make a living.
He life bright spot in addition to once had a loving wife ,mother is left an autobiography Fushengliuji .I heard that ,six chapters of a floating life is written in Chinese classical literature ordinary life classic ,it can from the mundane life of husband and wife to find meaningful beauty.
Six chapters of a floating life into &quot ;close down &quot ,&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;leisure in ;;rough notes about &quot ;,&quot ;&quot ,&quot wave travels fast ;;Zhongshan calendar and &quot ;&quot &quot ;health in mind ;six parts.
After two mark is later forgeries ( deserve to be hurt ,is enough grades works ) ,Adidas Wings,slightly dull ;four note is Wencai Fei-Ran, genuine and sincere in recorded music .&quot ;&quot ;write Shen Fu of mother married lingering affection .
I will a translation into English to the west to promote Lin Yutang comments: &quot ;l wedded bliss R is at all times and in all countries the most gentle and delicate in the literature documented &quot ;&quot ;to Qianlong .
Indeed ,Geng Chen lunar January twenty-two, the wedding night, she is still seen as a thin ,both off, as soon after the marriage .Side by side ,night Diet ,in case more than the dark holds its wrist ,warm tip in smooth ,feel .
Peng as jump.&quot ;&quot ;and then by the same shoulder ,through friends reunited. Play on the arms ,also beating for jumping ,because the ear and said: l percent of what heart pounding Monel ?R review of smile I feel a trace of love wave .
People hold the soul ,not recorded ,East Dawning .&quot ;and so on. All is love beautiful pen. But perhaps by the effects of polygamy ,mother to Shen Sanbai happened quite tolerant ,even helped him find a concubine ,a foolish park is looking for object ,she later because Han Park ultimately failed to enter Shen and very worried and indignant .
This is a typical love ,not contemporary with the concept of love, so do not accord with the readers of six chapters of a floating life in the depiction of love in front of understanding and expectations.
Love isn pure and single-minded. We see in " wedded bliss in the &quot ;&quot ;&quot is not harmonious ;voice ,not a Shen Sanbai wave travels fast in &quot ;&quot ;in .&quot going whoring life surprised ;wave travels fast &quot ;described his visit well-known mountains and rivers story ,the expression of the &quot ;on the great rivers and mountains of love &quot ;,and no prominent place.
Comparison of causes I was interested in the description of Guangdong porn industry . One time ,he and cousin Xu Xiufeng to south of the Five Ridges business .&quot ;lunar January still have Department of the friends of the Park Township ,pull over river view prostitution ,called L water in R ,l for rHH old prostitute prostitute vessel name &quot ;&quot HH madam flower boats ;called l comb head Po rHH climb the boat ,that he meet ,Qian Wei into the class HH call has a guest ,that smell Lvsheng Zada out there ,Wan bun ,with braid ,Fu Fenru wall ,Chazhi such as garnet ,or a red jacket with green pants ,or the green jacket with red pants ,socks while the dustpan embroidery butterfly caterpillar ,with bare feet and the set of Silver Anklet ,or squat on the Kang ,or leaning on the door, eyes sparkling with words not to utter a single word ,HH ,said L R L R fan ,fan ( lmier ) ,where .
&quot L r also ;in addition to a Cantonese prostitute ,still speak Taiwanese &quot help &quot ;tide ;( Fujian ,Chaoshan area ) and Wu Yang Gang ( &quot ;&quot ;including Yangzhou Jiangsu-Zhejiang area ) and other cosmetics .
Then Guangdong pornography industry developed so that a word is quite popular ,namely &quot ;less into the broad &quot ;Shen Sanbai in .A lonely feel boring, obsessed with &quot ;yang to help &quot ;prostitute Lee ,wrote: &quot ;Xi Yu Fu Yun mother can swim so far with my moon ,review ,vaguely resembling a ,Because of the fall in interest ,candles and horizontal .
&quot ;he had a prodigal life ,calling themselves the &quot ;Yang Bangmeng half sleep ,win the bumboat fickle &quot ;. I believe many idealistic readers read here ,giving Shen Fu the couple love score ,this is not the ideal of loving feelings ,this is real and ordinary life with the myth differ very far .
And make people think he is a very ordinary ,very poor people ,inherited the Chinese literati many faults ,but the advantage is not much however ,presumably because he has lost the country is ideal.
It seems ,Pacific ,no war ,without drastic social change ,no exciting idea innovation ,intellectual blood did not play ,literary ideal is very difficult to preservation .And literati due to textual research ,weak in mind, do so ?Alas !&quot ;leisure in &quot ;and &quot &quot ;rough down sorrow ;quite the opposite.
The former wrote daily life playing with bonsai ,floral ,incense ,drink ,collect stones and so on ,the flat afford much food for thought with joy and beauty .The latter wrote the rough life and grief ,a sigh sigh.
Mother accidentally in words offended her father-in-law ,difficult In Shen is based ,was forced to leave their children ,and Shen Fu together moved so far country, culminating in a hard life in his illness .
Shen Fu sad I, wrote: &quot ;alas !A woman, with man mind to Wumen ability. After days ,his lack of food ,feed ,can from mind .And home furnishing ,but in text analysis .And it is difficulty to civilization diseases ,hate ,who to have negative close friend ?I ,how be tract ?&quot ;Shen Fu and mother of boys and girls ,although not the imaginary perfect and pure love ,but in real life in the same spirit, who is loving ,especially for complex also wife of mother ,friends, and her husband together ,equality ,the personality image bright ,dazzling ,and the classical literature of China depend on the type of female image in the great distinction ,when is ahead ,we can not exceed the historical condition of mother to have higher requirements .
But Shen Fu experience that I can not help but have a similar to choking feeling. As a loss of the wife of the Grub Street ,finally although rely on friends to help make the life ,and the second to remarry ,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott,but stable time has he does not need to establish what big achievement ,He then in history under pressure are difficult to find a cultural one place to settle down ,he in reality in the life dream .
The turbidity ,already in the hazy wine is reduced to stone ,poetry and painting and tea ;live, pain and pleasure ,as is .I recorded six ,but proved in addition to the ideal life ,there are many noteworthy things.
Then please landlord discussion, salute !Small mud .Woshi** :really sorry reply ,reply to see later . I agree with you .A sentimentalist ,traits such as total from .Shen Fu Yan Gu - only six chapters of a floating life .
&quot ;&quot ;though color ,line of TA ,ran back cable combustion . End to end of the harbor ,also is the domain of jujube pear ;astringent, failed to complete ears. Or stay and suggests to laugh ;follow-up ,with tens of millions of you and I alone is not ?!hehe :This is romantic later ;&quot ;keep a temporary account &quot ;charm of Shen Jun and Yuner sentiment Cuotuo hereat .
Even after two down with false ,has no test series. But still play rain umbrella steep :&quot ;... A Xia was clear ,a peak was prescribed ,a bird was clear, a plum Shisheng ,and one poem a painting beginning with plum Xiangyue ,and avian phase ,and peak vertical ,and Xia phase I .
.. &quot ; notes .This is undoubtedly You are my favorite Yuner regeneration .Leave the write ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,can make pan Xuan ink spilled bile description. Although postscript .Chu ,http://www.adidaswingsfr.com/,but still cannot butterfly all atypical lovers ,www.adidasswings.com!Sister J reply :W sister and younger brother had the mind of admiration.
The vast network of the sea ,but with a heart ,a !I can in my own world travel, life ,more or less have warm memories ,then each little joy to share with each other . Hope sister pay attention to rest ,your rain window has seen, good !Small mud .
Woshi reply :sister Oh ;a few days lazy ,forgive me !Lazy for many reasons ,one may blame this six chapters of a floating life ?&quot ;Yu Yang celecoxib in the ball ,while walking in the empty pool ,Bi Jian ,long pine ,Mao bamboo side, Xi is read read white Xiangshan ,Lu Fang Weng poetry, two Jun extension on the seat ,and the relative .
.. &quot ;.,to see Shen Jun too detached .But his feeling is deep ;&quot ;depending on the Zhuozheng round a noise down ,really far .We are required to find happiness ,a happiness .
Happy nor unhappy must first recognize the cause ... &quot ;even in the looking for happy method are found ;at the time ,this kind of words are included on the dead wife miss ,And reveal a happy life attachment .
Quite sense of love, a few close to losing . Little sense and big money ,hope sister and zy310803 criticism!ZYC3108037 replied: you overpraised . Usually have no other hobbies like reading too much ,only ,always feel in the unit still can see the style ,with masterpiece ,think difference of thousands of miles ,remind me to study ,to learn.
Become a bookworm benefited from or through reading and thinking to refresh myself .In a noisy and not passion fame ,but reading gives me peace of mind .On reading ,many celebrities ,philosopher ,scholar there are a lot of discussion ,ordinary people have a set of theories ,I believe that don deeply in my soul .
Only ,only resonate with me ,only when I feel helpless loneliness can give me inspiration ,only the people are drunk when I wake up alone with me ,I said :I read ,I think ,I write ,I love you .
When empty, perhaps the book is medicine ,read the ear to the brain into the heart ,some more strength to withstand the emptiness. After I miss these friends !- small mud man series woshi** at 4:40 toFushengliuji Introduction: Science Learning information network mmWWW.
ZILIAONET&gt ;COM M is compiled and run the nest shadow people ,Party A may poles - dense physical ,general Li Liweng made an Xu Xiake ,the book of travels ,brocken through ,such as the five Hou mackerel ,such as florilegium ,and has no miscellaneous ,a very quiet Xin Qi Huaike .
To not delete ,Gan Yu Wu can own ,Xun Lisao outside ,Vincent the continued down .Always create what is new change both shape and essence ,novelist ,the author of several no pen ,the tree of a flag .
Cherish volumes insufficiency ,readers and regret ;however its sad but show spirit ,refreshing on the soul ,moving solid has passed away. And the word for love ,autumn .On the length of Anren when the dust mask ,Yin as in male ;flaw house, kind of find herbs ( more than in light temple on the west ,as before the next Duke blemish herb hill house site ) .
The trivial tail ,taste sour in Lu ;landscape invited head ,Cheng passion to spend outside .I of the calendar ,also if you ;your words ,mostly to me. But the lazy Xuedao heart health idea ,also not violate ,consciousness ,and who to fill the throne ,seals ,?Zhumo ( more than hide old horn round printing a new &quot ,as &quot ;;two - ) ;note at the beginning of, students with GUI Wei ( three Mr.
White was born in Qianlong GUI Wei ,the rest of his life in light of GUI Wei ) .On sixty years ,have Rural fathers for me as proof, and also wonderful .Talk Fu chapter ten ,is only three with only two Italian harmonic .
Yan Fu Qing ,Bin Chen fought poetry sign .Night with SIP peach porridge ,just know double sauce of fresh taste good. Chin laughed on her double green ,Diedangfengliu total spiritual quotient slightly .
Mountain home planting method ,moving spring cage is a live flower screen. Then ordered sequential open flowers ,gallipot fist stone with gold Lei .Laugh he trivial bridge down ,but Zhang Kuiqing had come about .
Have sailed the seven seas for water, except Wushan not cloud .Keep this day and forever ,earth yuan dispatch only burning go up poor family drama ,screen nest Chebi shadow mournful.
Call lights night to open the door to Yushu branch ,sobbing Azalea. Pear haggard month boring ,dream by Miharu as this night . Heavy too jade hook oblique River Road ,Shen Lang ,thin waist .
Snow dark barren River Yedu danger ,skyline ,to what ?To write full human suffering ,and not born bingluan .Tiehua Rock River spring Chardonnay ,copper mountain snow also incense well .
Then open poetry realm ,a baby I township .Fundus haze pay Biduan, suddenly in cold fun suddenly thick Huan .Bi layer at the lights ,as the sea view .Then do the gods are also easily ,Elixir humble a few students .

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