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The destruction of Renaissance or

&quot Calciopoli ;&quot ;it now but the whole world Italian fans of common concern. Because the Juventus general manager Daryl Kyrgyzstan phones were tapped ,so that many of the behind-the-scenes dirty deal was announced ,it is a quiet summer .
Along with the former Prime Minister of Italy Berlusconi ,a reinforced rib the wind in the summer to the right club hit. Italy club Milan ,Juventus ,Lazio ,Florence was involved in a football under the banner is engaged in purification of political persecution in the hurricane .
&quot ;justice prosecutors &quot ;only by virtue of a telephone set a Milan ,Juventus and other clubs sin ,a penalty of 15 in Serie A, the other 3 drop to Serie B penalty 30 - 7 range.
In the 3 clubs are unfair treatment at the same time ,a &quot ;do a bitch is to establish &quot duteous memorial archway ;things secretly laugh ,more than 10 years is opponents to suppress the helpless ,competitive game play but people ,of course some departments to put a lot of pressure ,for example :President Hu Jintao said if we do not put them into Serie B ,I took my team to another league.
& Quot ;in every year in shouting: &quot ;this title is ours! &quot ;but in the year starts only after the 5 round started to think of next season work ,what to buy forward .But this year ~ ~ turn !This year and finally over !AC Milan ,Juventus ,Florence ,Lazio ,all you can fight it forces all to be demoted .
Who let somebody is in charge now left it ~ ~ who let people move outwards are ~ ~ but you seem to underestimate Rome and Sampdoria ... Because I love Milan Serie A ,but I like the Serie A is not all because of love Milan primary school .
I do not know the ball ,of course, now does not dare to say ~ ~ but I just love the way of playing in Serie A ,then the flowers for the names of the momentum ,no teams in Serie A this is who knows the truth .
But when I really started to see the ball ,Milan Dynasty began to decline ,Juventus restart control over subsequent years in Serie A ,Rome ,Air Foamposite 1,Lazio ,?????????? well,Milan turns to sit a few times Zhuang.
Can do not have the &quot ;clean team &quot ;what you want to say ,Juventus ,Milan have a relationship network, the same throw money of Lazio and United Rome Can you grab two champions ,a set of all love &quot ;clean team &quot ;how even a champion shadow can not see ~ ~ oh ~ ~ I forgot ,had a tears of Ronaldo ,but after that can prove :bitch if you were rich and powerful .
We adopted ,you will always be manipulated ,sordid lives. Serie A is now in Renaissance and the destruction of the crossroads ,if the wrong road ,the serie a loss not will be many star players ,will also lose a lot of Italian fans ,of course like our loyal fans in Milan ,Juventus fans and Florence ,Lazio fans never abandoned his own support team .
Go is the future of the Italian fans ,???????6,who will go to Europe in the 2 current league. Recent news said that prosecutors are not satisfied with the trial and punishment, put forward must punish the four right club ,don are is it right? The fans ,but I they are not at least the right club fans ,nike zoom kobe 6,they will to his left and devotion ,also want to die.
Someone says: Prodi doesn football ,he only know that and stars group and how to Kill Tony Ruskin Nepal .Prodi the rich Communist master ,plus licensing bright International Miss, born of a couple .
It seems that the fans ,relegated Juve penalty is heavy ,but why on him to step on one foot ?Let a person feel like this the emperor loved princess by the queen .Like ,who let you threaten my position ,who let me now is the queen and you are no longer here.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ this guy Rossi looked like a good-for-nothing ~ ~ ~ is said to have made &quot &quot ;justice ;officials, it is doomed is also a &quot ;time a classic &quot ;,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings,the idiot was put forward to the Serie A like NBA executes divisional format ,so stupid idea estimates will in your brain to appear.
You should apply for the FIFA president ,later you can let your &quot drive team ;&quot ;instead of team Argentina in the world cup. Prodi ~ ~ ~ ~ it seems you will play the group photo.
.. .~ ~ you pictures ,show, you will play ~ Serie A sooner or later destroyed in your hands ,have a look at no 4 giants of the new season ,your &quot ;clean team &quot ;you can win the toilet to get the champion ,http://www.adidasswings.com/ the front lady read native grass,Italy Lee in the Champions League seems to enter 16 strong good .
Wish you don be these problems the team ,in the next few years return super .Bitch if you were rich and powerful people adopted ,you will always be manipulated ,extrusion ,sordid life.
Subsidiary &quot ;clean team &quot ;data: ---- Italy press recently like dirt ,have significant position in the Milan star published international use of the Internet high-tech means when &quot ;matchmaker &quot ;while out collective sex reports .
This scandal with a total of 10 international players in Milan. They use dining out opportunities and help advance about good prostitute secret rendezvous ,held a gathering of &quot ;&quot ;.
They had invited coach Marco Tardelli together, with 11 people put together the &quot battle group ;green &quot ;,but cannot due to other business processing ,declined his disciples kindness.
-- when Facchetti came with Pairetto call records after that ,Turin sports newspaper seem to have hit the jackpot ,the news on the front page coverage, as Juventus city sports newspaper, Turin sports newspaper attempts to convey a message mm now ,no one is doing Net .
- Greek star geo Gatos in the former international Milan effectiveness is not successful ,Adidas Bones,and even can be said to be unknown to the public ,Adidas with Wings free dim eyes,but recently he can to former club has made waves mm he disclosed himself in the effectiveness of international Milan has seen some player takes special drugs ,the &quot ;&quot ;do not say more the door phone .
- &quot ;the incident was exposed after the Serie A teams are people Xinhuang Huang ,over the years the teams have Buqingbubai for match-fixing .Today from the Italy media reports ,the International Club of Milan and their vice president Facchetti sat down with Mo Ji as location ,a Facchetti Pairetto .
The telephone recording ,previously playing the victim international Milan in a very embarrassing situation. It is reported UEFA referee committee vice chairman Pairetto and the international Milan vice president Adriano Facchetti has deep ties ,according to UEFA regulations, 48 hours before the game referee committee is not allowed anyone with club the conversation, but Pairetto and Facchetti call recording was media out.
According to coverage of Italy Media International Milan vice President Facchetti also once with UEFA referee committee vice chairman Pairetto in the European Champion Cup group match had no regular telephone contact .
Facchetti on the phone and Pairetto at least as far as Europe champion cup group match referee in two candidates had a telephone exchange ,Pairetto revealed to Facchetti that the two games master referee candidate ,and Valen West Mel ,and ANN Delai Hutt is tile Lalas .
This call time is in 2004 September, two weeks after Salas was appointed and Anderlecht game referee ,results of the international 3-1 Milan to win ,but in the game in Valencia Swiss referee Mel law enforcement ,international Milan using 5-1 to win.

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