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Dare not say break up

Deep night, I cried very thoroughly. Night is really very quiet, without you, without you call I quietly watch over there, that there is nothing but... You along the way, I really should not be, but I have to do.
I thought for a long time, you start to say breaking up may be correct, as the song says, love is a shelf-life, after a time, light of love, but also a taste of the entanglement,Jeremy Scott Adidas son's birthday. Want to evade, it will only be a trap, a kind of bondage, will be out of breath.
I could really worthy not you, I have no ambition (you had not told a), almost give up; two do not have a fixed income (you always used to say, you so little pay how to feed me ah), unstable work on good and bad, hang by a thread are also likely to; three floor thick (you always say, see people of the car and house), but not improperly belittle oneself what background; four not handsome (you said in the past, I began to like you, I hear the taste, it was funny,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear &quot, it starts to get a little), although he has several wire can, to assuage (every time together into the street, beside those colored boys, see myThat strange eyes, really makes me a little be rather baffling).
I like Emil Chau's "happy together", but you always said "don't be silly." "don't love you is a mistake", but I will proceed without hesitation of love, and love is so deep, so dark that it was almost unable to extricate themselves.
Now I really understand: love she doesn't get her, if she is happy. Because she is on your side, you can not give her happiness, if with all trouble, why not choose to give up? At least leave a beautiful memory.
I will remember you forever that tall stature, smart and bad laugh. Speak rhythmical, like small adults, but you honest. Do things with Dong Chuirui's selfless spirit, heart attack, that drive not only get the recognition of leaders, there is a lot of Gan of strong female heroism.
But workaholic temper may have little disease, though is also gentle, but always like trap. You asked me to help you draft, recent work on,Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda Bear, and I will find information, find Pham Van,nike zoom kobe 6, almost took tremendous effort, but in the end you will only have to rub hard to do a mission,Adidas Jeremy Scott Chaussures, obediently lay into the trash can.
You said, you are not like to write articles, write what ah. Finally you or a stroke of the pen, copious and fluent thousand stand vividly revealed on the paper. I look at what you write, is really feel ashamed of one's ungainly appearance.
Your words reveal the work enthusiasm, between the lines lurking on leadership leadership recognition. I only give himself away, I can't write this ass. I meet what monthly ah what,Adidas M Attitude Logo, you will find me, the result is different.
He would only get one of your words,http://www.adidasswings.com/, I do not know you can help me. I felt really unspeakable, awkward also my red face smile call my wife, who is the woman? You're always working under great pressure, the mood is very bad, we are not in a city which is the iron that.
All day phone, SMS, I know not bring you much fun. But life is like that, I can't go your city, you might not come down the city. Someone said that the distance produces beauty, but a long time, distance,Recent life a mess, is beautiful, you also blessed pastime.

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Wolf Totem chapter eleventh

Examine a boy leading and brother and wife wife ,two children ,said that more all red ,said .That the introduction of Mongolian red .Red wolf HH Han explained two of the names for the male and female wolf wolf .
Chek think that is the two child later .Hhhh the thought that Yuan Shi .The genealogical table the Si ,Si ( S ) as the plural ,meaning wolf group .Mm Han Scholars Gen Gi Khan test Thirteen wing three was mounted ,with Daulki West through reed ,then south around the alkali flat ,went through the hard left horseshoe trail .
To express. Along the way,Nike Air Foamposite Pro May, three Beijing students are nervous ,not only the feeling of victory ,instead still thief in Ho door guilty. Fear afterwards mad owner shuaibing track ,with their death .
But Chen thought is She-Wolf take the lamb ,the heart began to feel a little balance ,he the shepherd was for the slain lamb avenged .Dig a nest of wolf is guaranteed a flock of sheep ,if they are not identified and reach the seven pups ,so they and their offspring will also do not know how many cattle.
Pick one scourge is definitely Mongolia grassland and prairie wolf of war for survival effective tactics ,dig a nest of wolf cub ,just to the eradication of A small pack of wolves ,reach the seven wolf cubs although very difficult ,but still have to fight than seven big wolf a lot easier .
But why the Mongols had invented this fast and effectively eliminate the wolf tactics ,but still not alleviate the wolf disaster ?Chen gave Daulki this question. Er Ji said: the wolf too fine ,it will choose the wolf cub .
Say the wolf and the dog is a ten thousand years ago ,actually wolves than you bastard couldn .Dogs each year in the Spring Festival just half a month to bear ,wolf whelp ,just pick in the spring ,when the snow had just finish ,just began sheep lamb spring lambing is the year most busy most tired most important time ,a flock of sheep were divided into two groups ,all labor on the flock.
People tired after all do not want to eat ,which has the strength to pull out a wolf .After lamb ,easy to be grown ,wolf cub ,do not live in the wolf the hole . The wolf is usually not the wolf hole ,only when the She-Wolf as wolf .
Wolf hole when it is used for almost a full open ,after more than a month will be able to follow the wolf mother everywhere . The time to cut the wolf ,wolf hole was empty. If the wolf in summer autumn winter whelp ,when people have time ,everyone went out early in the wolf cub ,wolf To have done.
The wolf in the spring as there is a benefit ,She-Wolf can steal lambs ,feed the wolf cub wolf cub .Teach tender lamb meat but the wolf cub, good food ,as long as the lamb ,She-Wolf not enough milk, is a more than 10 wolf cubcan also raise HH Yang Keyi beat saddle said :Wolf ,wolf ,I really admire you ,as will pick .
Not well ,spring lambing is too tired ,I followed the lamb sheep ,every day carrying a large bag transporting lamb ,a loaded four or five ,one day runs ten times, people are tired, lay eggs.
If our first cut the wolf ,a fresh ,who can expend so large strong !I can never go out of the wolf .Today I went back to sleep. Jahnke repeatedly yawning. Chen also felt sleepy ,want to sleep after the wolf pack .
But the topic that he abandon ,his strong spirits ask :that ,here the old herdsman why are not willing to pay the wolf cub ?Daulki said :the local herdsmen all letters Lamaism ,once almost everybody draw a person go when lama lama good ,don let chaos to kill, kill wolf pups will loss of life.
I don Lama ,not afraid of loss of life. Our Northeast Mongolian ,dead do not feed The wolf is a wolf ,lighting, I .We northeast Mongolian society cultivate land ,just like you people ,is also believed to be laid to rest .
Can be cutting the wolf hole more and more distant, but Chen Zhenzong was behind a ghostly wind to follow him ,made him a road hung up ,and feel to the depths of the soul from the fear and anxiety in metropolis grow ,previously associated with sable between him, decide seven Mongolia wolf destiny.
This nest of the mother wolf cub ,too much cunning ,the fossa wolf cub, maybe is that my generation ,or a nest of Mongolia prairie wolf fine thoroughbreds .If he didn keep on carving obsessed with ,the seven wolf pups will certainly be able to dodge the bullet ,grow up healthy ,be among the prairie warrior.
However because of his arrival, wolf cub, destiny completely changed ,from this and the prairie wolves he forges the indissoluble bound ,and therefore knot the unresolved hatred . The whole amount in prairie wolf family ,in the smart tenacious She-Wolf lead, in the Prairie night darkness to his love Dun ,and constantly to biting his soul.
He began to realize that I may have made a big mistake .Mongolia package ,is the afternoon. Chen Zhen put the bag in the Mongolian wolf cub pack ,the wall. Four people sitting around the fire with fire ,hot tea ,eat barbecue ,discussed how to deal with the seven little pups .
Er-Ji Dao said :we still need to discuss it with wolf cub ,tea you come to see me ,two minutes are not .Chen Zhen knew he was going to face the most difficult problem in mm to keep the wolf .
He started to produce a wolf pups idea, foresee the move will suffer almost all herders ,cadres and the opposition both from the political ,religious ,religion ,ethnic relations, or from the psychological ,production and safety point of view ,to keep the wolf is a big bad harbour evil intent designs ,have an ulterior motive .
* * early in the Beijing zoo ,the administrator is only a lack of milk and a small tiger ,give it to feed big bitch is raised in a cage ,became a major political issue, said it is touted the reactionary class theory, management staff was reviewed .
Then denounced wolf kept in flocks and herds dogs next to the enemy ,not openly is not divided, take the enemy for friend ?In the prairie wolf is herdsman ,enemies ,and herdsmen is especially elderly mind the fear of God And the totem ,is their soul rises day carrier.
The gods or totem can prostrate oneself in worship ,which like a dog slaves like being kept ?From religious psychology ,production safety ,appeasement brings disaster ,to keep the wolf is really evil ;the coyotes to raise ,Billy lattice Abba will never recognize him the son of a Han Chinese ?But ,lost no to profane profane ,Mongolia ethnic and religious emotion motivation ,instead, because he was on the Mongolia ethnic Wolf Totem respect ,the profound wolf topic obsession ,he is only one day more eager to keep a wolf .
Wolf .So come and go like a shadow ,if he is not personally keep a real, tangible living wolf wolves understanding ,he can only stay in the nothing mysterious folk stories of ordinary people ,or the general level of understanding ,and even hatred hatred wolf wolf Han ethnic prejudice .
From them the group as early as 1967 leavethe educated youth of Beijing ,a large number of mainland Chinese ,mainland of the firearms and ammunition on the continuous influx of Mongolia grassland steppe wolf being reduced ,possibly over a number of years ,people may never find a nest of seven wolf cub wolf hole.
Want from herdsman that To wolf cub to raise that is not possible,Adidas Teddy Bear, to keep the wolf only catch himself .He couldn since this personally caught the wolf cub ,must raise a wolf .However ,in order not to hurt the herdsmen and especially the old emotions ,Chen had to find some can make herdsman reluctantly acceptable reasons .
In his wolf ,thinking he had ,finally found a plausible reason :to keep the wolf is a scientific experiment ,to match with dogs .Dogs in the frontal Lun grassland very prestigious . The reason is the station of the border guards have five or six German shepherd dog ,Gao Dawei Meng ,Ben speed fast.
Wolf hunting is fast ,accurate and relentless, as sure as a gun . Once, frontier station stationmaster Zhao rides a horse ,with two soldiers ,two dogs to animal husbandry teams to inspect the militia work, all the way, two dog breath caught four big fox, almost saw a can catch one .
A road inspection work ,the way to skin a fox hunter ,the team can stay . Then herdsman wants to get a dog to raise, but at that time, dogs are scarce military supplies ,civil-military relations and good ,herdsmen or a wolf Gouzai .
Chen think ,is not the male wolf hound and the bitch blot out the offspring do ,if Raise a male wolf ,again with the bitch mating does not get dogs .Then put the dog gave herdsman ,not can strive for raise the possibility of a wolf .
Moreover, Mongolia prairie wolf is the world best varieties wolf ,if successful ,could produce than Germany Soviet military quality better dog .So ,perhaps also for grassland in Mongolia developed a new animal husbandry career here .
Chen Zhen put the teacup on Daulki said :you can put six pups to dispose of, give us a strongest male wolf cub .I want to keep the wolf Doyle base one, then like see the wolf looked at Chen Zhen ,for ten seconds ,said: you want to keep the wolf ?Chen Zhen said :I just want to keep the wolf ,wolf ,grow up ,let it with bitch pairing ,perhaps with a border station is even better than the dog dog to do .
At that time ,wolf dog ,be herdsman everyone comes to Daulki. His eyes, suddenly out of hound see prey light. He hurriedly said breathlessly: the idea is really wonderful !Perhaps !If we had a dog ,that play the fox hit the wolf too easy .
Perhaps ,we only sell wolf Gouzai ,can send big Chen Zhen Choi .Said : I team not to raise Daulki said :to keep the wolf is to beat the wolf, protecting collective property ,if who opposed we keep the wolf ,the wolf dog back young ,do not want to tell us to .
Oh ,you want to keep the wolf ?Daulki said firmly :as long as you keep ,I also keep a .Chen Zhen said :it is too good ,two breeding ,success is greater !Thought Chen Zhen said :but ,I have a doubt ,and wolf grew up, the male wolf with bitch pairing ?Daulki said :This is not difficult, I there is a good way .
Three years ago, I got a good bitch ,I would like to use one of my most quickly most fierce male dog with its mate. But my family has ten dogs ,eight is a male dog ,good dog Lai Goudou ,if this bitch let Lai dog on the right ,white blind .
Later ,I figured out a way ,to the breeding time, I found a big dig half dry cheese ,Mongolia bag is so big, two deep. I put the good male and female dogs put, put again in a dead sheep ,every few days to give them added food adding water .
After twenty days ,I will put two dogs make up ,hey ,bitch really pregnant .Not to Spring ,bitch is a nest good dog pups ,a total of eight, I fell four female, four male left ,full support .
Now my ten dogs ,the four dog on a number of the largest and most quickly most heavily. Come down one year ,I hit the wolf and the fox ,more than half are these four dogs work work. If we use this method ,also can get wolf Gouzai ,you may remember, since I got bitch wolf cub and cub on a pile of raise Chen Zhen Jahnke repeatedly applauded .
Canvas schoolbag is moved ,the pups were likely to be pressure Ma ,may also be hungry ,they finally no longer play dead ,began to struggle ,want from bag slot drill .This but Chen Zhen respect admire seven noble life ah ,but five of which is about to be put to death.
Chen Zhen was heavy .He immediate past the Beijing zoo the wall reliefs, if we can put the five wolf pups to there, but the grasslands of the purebred Mongolia wolf ah .Now ,he felt terrible human greed and vanity ,he cut the wolf this is to keep the wolf ,and keep the wolf just hold back a male wolf pups on the line ,even in the seven just pick one of the largest the most strong is not too often .
But why should he have a litter of wolf cub, the end come back ?Don let Daulki and Liang Jianzhong each to go with him .But if they don ,he will only have a pups on the back ?Don dig a nest .
Wolf cub, also means the victory ,brave ,benefit ,honor and people sit up and take notice ,by contrast ,the seven little life is sand as light weight .At the moment, Chen heart waves pain .
He found himself actually already very like the pups .He wanted to wolf pups to more than two years ,think soon crazy ,he really want to take them all to stay. But this is impossible ,seven little wolves ,he must get how much food to feed them ?He suddenly thought :is it right? Would ride the other five pups to wolf hole ?But ,except for Jahnke ,no one will tell he went, he a person dare not go back and forth ,for more than four hours ,manpower and horsepower are too much .
The She-Wolf now must be in the hole next to Kutianqiangdi ,howling mad sin. Now back ,not to have a death wish .Chen carrying bags ,walking slowly out of the door. He said :or a few days later the handle bar ,I want to To have a look .
Daulki said :what do you want to feed them ?It is so cold ,wolf cub day not feeding all starve to death ,Chen Zhen said: I milk to feed them .Liang Jianzhong sank a face to say: it can !It is I raise cattle ,milk to drink ,wolf eat a cow ,you use milk to feed the wolf ,how can there be such a principle? Later group the let me cowherd .
Jahnke things said : Jean Doyle Ki handle bar ,gaz Mai was not able to finish the task worry about it, if we can make out five pieces of wolf cub, skin ,can get away with it, can also secretly keep the wolf cub .
Otherwise ,the team of people to see this fossa live wolf pups ,Adidas Wings Pas Cher,you even a have not. Let Daulki do it ,but I couldn ,you can please come together degree is not easy .Chen Zhen eye acid acid deep sigh one sound :the only way HH Chen Zhen back into the pack ,out of dry cow dung box ,empty dry feces bag wolf cub ,will put into wooden crates .
The pups crawl everywhere ,can climb to the corner and then stopped dead, little life also want to avoid bad luck to do the final struggle. Every wolf cubs were shaking ,elongated hard stiff black wolf was trembling like had been electrified .
Daulki fingers Like the tabla rabbit cubs like dialing pull wolf pups ,raised his head on Chen said :four male ,three female .The biggest strongest belongs to you ,this is my !That end will catch the other five pups ,a Daulki came into the bag.
A bag to the Mongolia packet before the air ,out of a bag and took a look at it ,the small belly said :This is the only female, let it go and see the Tengger !,the hand back ,then squat on the right leg, forward whirl round his arm ,the chubby pups force at Tengger ,like prairie herdsman every year after the Spring Festival of treatment of excess pup like mm throwing God is their soul, falls is their body.
Chen and Jahnke has seen this ancient ritual ,the past has been heard ,grassland herdsmen is the ceremony to deal with wolf pups ,but ,he were the first saw the herdsman in this way to handle their pay to wolf cub .
Chen and Jahnke look pale ,reprint] Chen Yihe tout,like Mongolia bag next to the dirty snow. Left God pups ,don go so soon see Tengger . Has been dead ,still survive the mother wolf cub had been thrown to the day ,instincts to know yourself Where to go ,it immediately to spell out all his strength ,open four tender calf claws ,in the air from scratch ,seems to want to catch it mother or father ,which afraid is a life-saving brush is also OK.
Chen seem to see the She-Wolf .Gray mask by dramatic fear suddenly burst out ,congestive dark red bead .Poor pups was in the air ahead of time to open my eyes, but it still does not see the bright blue sky clouds I ,was blocked by wolf eyes ,was the blood of the shelter .
The pups opened mouth ,from half empty parabolic arc top to down below is the camp ,before the snow wolf cub hard .Like a milk melon ,flopped falling on the ground ,the tender body to not struggled with it will not move .
The mouth nose eyes, thin pink blood ,like with milk color lost heart .Like from the throat and fall back to the chest ,pain does not seem to be any perception. Three dog a few steps into the wolf cub in front of, Er-Ji Dao big growl, and cross a few big step in the dog ,he was afraid wolf cub, precious skin by dog bite .
A moment lost unexpectedly found ,Erlang punch in the past, is in the two group With a roar, apparently in order to stop Huang Huang and wolf cub and bite .A general demeanour of Erlang ,no corpse abuse, even if some like wolf pups .
Daulki and from the bag took out a wolf cub ,the wolf cub seems to have smelled it sister milk blood odor ,just being Daulki to shake hands is not dead, but struggling ,little tender claws will Daulki on the dorsum of the hand grasping one and a white mark.
He just wanted to throw, suddenly stopped and said to Chen Zhen : come on, you so kill it ,kill a wolf ,Adidas with Wings,practice of bile .Grassland which shepherd didn killed a wolf ?Chen Zhen took a step back and said: you come .
you people courage ,small, so hated the wolf ,the wolf cub even dare not to kill ,it can fight ?No wonder you Han Fei Na jin-old built a ten thousand mile wall. Look at my HH just fall ,wolf cub was thrown to the ground .
A yet another and fly up to the sky .Daulki is killed more excited ,while still muttering incantations :in it, go there and enjoy !Chen Zhen felt the courage not be stimulated ,but was scared to go back a large margin .
He was national farming and nomadic peoples in the heart Science of the great differences in mm using sacrificial knife national nature than the use of a nation more adapted to blood and iron .
Ancient Chinese why not in their own nation, the retention of a Chinese culture nomadic ethnic groups ?Traditional land range ,is suitable for the grassland ,can produce a branch of China National &quot ;the &quot ;at the end of the day, to build the city of settlement defend edge edge ,do not defend grassland nomadic nation ,valiant brave is in this harsh environment, year after year from practice .
Five little pups from a flying in the air ,five bloody body all landing. Chen to five dead babies all received a dustpan ,then look at the sky for a long time ,hope can accept them in soul.
Daulki seems to be very satisfied, he bowed his head in his volume boot wiped his hands say :one day can kill five wolves the opportunity not to be many .People far worse than the wolf ,a wolf to catch a chance ,one can kill one hundred or two hundred sheep .
I killed five pups what .It ,I should go back ring cow .He was going to take the wolf cub .Chen said :you don ,help us the wolf cub skins . Daulki says: this easy to handle, helping people to the end ,for a moment and Er Lang stood beside still guarding dustpan dead wolf cubs, red Daulki Meng yelled twice ,and lower center of gravity for attack .
Chen array hurried around Er Lang Daulki like peeling like a wolf cub .Peeling skin ,side say :Baby wolf skin is too small ,not stripping wolf bobbin .After a while ,five wolf cub, skin peeling out ,he fastened the booth in Mongolia packet round the top supported flat ,straight .
Said :this leather are all first-class goods ,if has 40, can do a wolf baby little fur coats ,and light and warm and beautiful ,how much money can .Daulki caught her hand ,and went to the oxcart next to get a shovel said :you guys really know nothing, I have helped you have done it .
The dog never eat meat at the wolf cub ,too put the dead wolf cub, buried depth ,is also a She-Wolf .Let the smell ,then your flocks and herds should suffer .Few people went to the West Mongolia pack tens of meters of place ,dug a nearly one metre deep pit ,the five wolf corpse buried in, fill up on real ,and some DDVP powder ,covering the wolf cub body odor.
Jahnke asked :would you like to wolf Baby take a nest ?Daulki said :or dig a hole, make it stop hole .Chen and Jahnke in Mongolia west south of ten paces ,dug a 60 cm deep,half meter pit, the pit mat pieces of broken skin ,and leave a little mud ,then the little wolf cub into a pit.
The pups exposed to earth immediately .It floats up east smell ,have a look at the hole in the west ,turn a few laps ,as if returned to their original home. It gradually quiet down ,the pad with sheepskin corner shrink up and down ,but still east west at the smell ,as if in search of its siblings .
Chen suddenly want to put another wolf pups also left ,good to do a companion .But ,Daulki immediately went to his the wolf cub in his arms ,ride a horse ,swiftly running away. Liang Jianzhong coldly watching wolf cub at a glance ,also riding ring cow to Chen Zhenhe Yang Kedun at one side, be preoccupied by some troubles at the wolf cub .
Chen said :I really don we can get it to feed big trouble in the future is too big. Jahnke said :we adopted wolf ,good news goes on crutches ,bad line thousands of miles .Wait. Now the whole country in the song &quot ;not as the Jackal never battlefield &quot ;.
We are good, should take the enemy for friend ,raised a wolf. Chen said :here the distant ,who knows we have a wolf. I fear most is Billy lattice Abba won the wolf HH Jahnke said : cow home early ,I go to squeeze in a little milk ,wolf quasi hungry .
Chen said :the dog waved or milk ,let ille Hello ,bitch can feed the tiger cub ,will certainly be able to feed the wolf cub wolf cub .Chen from wolves in carrying out ,his hands on his chest.
Wolf cub day not eating ,belly flat ,four small claws also cold as snow the small stone. Now it is cold and afraid and hungry ,the body trembling, than it has just been dug out when many wolf hole slump .
Chen rushed the pups in his arms ,let it first warm day near dusk ,has come back and give puppies feeding time, two in the doghouse .Previously they walked with snow drifts dig out home, have let the cold warm day before the collapse ,the new snow is not thick ,heap out of snow drifts .
This will have moved to Mongolia right in front of the dry cow dung ,manure in a small out cave ,cave covered with thick broken skin ,and a large with a thick raw horse hide to do activities ,this It is Ihle and three children warm home.
Jahnke broth millet porridge fed Ihle ,it ran its own nest ,with a long mouth to pick the portal ,Adidas Mickey High,drilled into the disk body wall ,by carefully down .Three puppies to immediately find the nipple ,using the king of infants Chen Zhen.
Approaching Ihle ,squat body ,with the palm of your hand to touch the head of Ihle, try to stop it Ihle like master touch, it happily licking Chen Zhen in the palm of your hand .Jahnke opens a dog pups ,with one hand holding the Ihle tits squeezed dog milk ,another hand into a bowl with milk slap ,received half time, Chen Zhen quietly arms pulled out from the pups .
Yang Keli sees dog milk wiping the wolf pups head back and claws .Jahnke used to be the steppe nomads to adopt orphans ewe lamb of the old method. Yang Kehe Chen Zhen also used this method to identify Ihle the wolf baby son.
But dogs are much more intelligent than sheep ,the sense of smell is also more sensitive .If Ihle puppies are all dead or being carried away ,maybe it will soon recognize the wolf ,but it now had three children of their own ,so obviously it is not willing to accept the wolf .
Wolf cub into a doghouse ,Ihle A response ,it tried to look at it child. Chen and Jahnke have to act tough and talk soft approach ,does not let up and up .Cold and hungry pups were placed next to the nipple and ,when it is the smell of milk ,always listless dead pups ,like big wolf suddenly smelled the blood like ,make threatening gestures ,have plenty of fight in sb.
,a pair of milk is the mother faces prototype Bi Lu. The pups than puppies born late one and a half months ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard like sunlight,wolf pups puppies head than a small circle, long to short head. But the pups strength is far more than a dog pups ,it robbed the nipple the technology and methods of ruthless dog pups .
Bitch abdomen with two rows of breast milk head ,large and small ,milk is a little more . Let Chen Zhenhe Jahnke was in no hurry to suckling pups ,but mad along a road going to taste the tits ,eating milk pup a crowded open arch down time ,always calm dog like breaking in a mob hit the robber ,Gouwo dog back .
Turn ,a scene of chaos .The pups tough wild blooming, arch roofed ,pick up one by one pup ,and then the two rows of nipple from top to bottom, from left to right, all was tasted .It tastes a ,spit a ;take one on ,spit out a final in the abdomen ,and intermediate ,chose one of the most most drum ,milk is the most sufficient nipple ,held in the mouth and sucking mouth is not fierce ,fierce and began to drink .
I saw that it grabs a nipple with its claws ,and hold another big tits ,a pair of eating in the bowl ,PA in the pot, fat water does not shed alien cropland bully type three only docile dog pups ,soon be wolf pups rout to both sides to .
Two people look terrified Jahnke startled eyes .Said :the wolf really terrible, this kid in my eyes still open, so bossy .No wonder seven wolf pups will count it a big ,must be used in it for its brothers and sisters are all Chen Zhen can see be in the best of spirits and meditation ,after a while, he was from thinking wake up ,it wants to say: we really have to have a good look, which inspired people too many things .
You see, the dog ,is the epitome of the history of the world I just suddenly think of Mr Lu Xun he thought ,western animal more, and Chinese people and livestock multiple HH Chen array pointed to the wolf cub,adidaswingsfr.com, said: This is the animal HH referred to the puppies :This is the livestock .
Now the western people ,mostly Teutonic ,Germanic ,Anglo Saxon hunting barbarian descendants. Those of ancient Greece and ancient Rome Gao Duwen Ming development one thousand or two thousand years later ,they just like a beast as from the primeval forest in rushing out, destroyed the ancient Rome.
Their tableware is the knife and fork, their food is beef ,cheese and butter .Therefore ,in the West on the wild and beast ,retention than the old farming agrarian nation far more for more than 100 years ,Chinese livestock course to Western brutal bullying .
Thousands of years of Chinese nation is vast grassland nomadic minorities played make a fool of oneself it is hardly surprising .Chen touched the wolf pups head continued: character not only determines the individual ,also decided the fate of the nation character .
National livestock farming of too much ,this cowardly character ,decided farming nation Four great ancient civilizations in the world is full of farm country ,the three the ancient civilization had perished ,the Chinese civilization has been destroyed ,not only because it has one of the world large agricultural rivers basin mm the Yellow River and the Yangtze River ,bringing up the world population ,making its His civilization is not so good chew and digest.
Also may be due to nomadic nationalities to Chinese civilization great contribution to HH however ,this relationship I haven figure ,in the prairie spent more than two years, I feel more and more that there is much fineness in HH Jahnke nodded : it seems to keep the wolf in addition to the study of the wolf ,but also studies of human nature ,the wolf, animal and livestock ,in the city and the region was not only have a look at this condition ,people and cattle HH Chen Zhen said :but not human livestock with wolf beast put together the contrast research, positive research to see what names .
Yes. It seems to keep the wolf on the first day of the big harvest. The wolf cub, we keep constant .In a kennel commotion ,the pup was a wolf cub bully grievances hum ,made Ihle more suspicious and wary of up to ,it tried to lead legs ,out of Chen Zhen have a look what happens in the nest what was the matter.
Chen Zhen is worried that it recognized the wolf cub ,killed him ,he was on Ihle while gently call its name to it ,touch it ,until the wolf pups eat round belly to release the hand .
Ihle turned around ,immediately found the nest more than an Baby ,it uneasy sniffed each ,soon smelt the wolf cub ,wolf cub, who may also have its milk flavor ,it is slightly hesitated ,but still want to use nose to the top left wolf cub ,and tried to stand up ,to nest light a little place see Chen Zhen once again put the Isle press ,that he must understand and master ,I hope and can accept this fact, but to obey no resistance.
And awkwardly hum cry ,it seems to have been known to nest out of a baby from the mountains ,is the host just caught the wolf cub ,but owners forced it to adopt the feel irreconcilable hatred for sb.
.The prairie dogs differ from mainland China dog ,dog world is narrow ,not seen a wolf and tiger ,give it a tiger cub ,it would be silly feeding adoption .Here is the prairie dogs and wolves fight battles ,which can take the enemy for bitches friends and tried several times to stand up to feed milk ,were Chen Zhen holding ,irritability ,anger .
And discomfort, nausea ,but it did not dare to offend their gas ,finally had to call call lay motionless. In grassland ,people who have mastered the dog sway ,person is to rely on a powerful authoritarian violence and the temptation of food The dog trainer to livestock .
Anyone who dares to resist the master ,not be out of the house ,to the prairie wolf eat freeze to death or be starved to death ,is the direct killing of dogs had lost its independence .
The beast ,and be full of livestock animals ,become a person to leave to live animal. Chen for Isle are deeply saddened .And for the same reason ,in human society ,if the authoritarian repression of the force is too powerful ,the time was too long ,people will lose the human beast ,and gradually turned into livestock full subjects .
The subjects more, national internal rule also smoothly ,but when subjected to strong external force invaded ,this nation has lost the ability to resist or bow into mixed subjects ,or be destroyed ,becoming later archaeological ruins .
Many glorious and resplendent farming civilization ,now only to the historical museum to see .Will calm down gradually .And Jahnke Chen is feeding the first dog in it ,the period of pregnancy ,produce period and lactation on it ,they always show the utmost solicitude ,delicious good drink good serve .
Therefore and milk is especially foot . When others took several dog pups ,its milk Water is more than sufficient . This has one more piece of the pups ,and milk supply ,also should not be a problem .
Three dog pups are squeezed into a wolf cub, thin places ,but the pup who also slowly up. The pup began to climb to Gou Ma on the back of the neck ,tail bite each other with ears play together .
But the wolf pups also gave suck milk. Chen Zhen thought, in den ,seven pups were little robbers ,do not grab milk might starve to death .Even the largest wolf cub ,it may not be able to open the belly to eat enough .
This time it came to the home, can be considered to have play ,it while eating, while happy hum hum ,like a starving wolf attacks in a big cattle eating living pharynx, Hu eat Heiser ,regardless of their belly capacity.
Chen Zhen looked at feel wrong ,a twinkling of an eye, wolf pups belly big faster than fat dog her belly .He quickly felt the wolf cub, stomach ,frightened jump :the belly up as thin as a layer of paper .
Chen Zhen feared the wolf pups will really be broken belly ,hastily take wolf pups neck ,pull it slowly ,but the pups was no one .The nipple ,unexpectedly pulled two inches taller ,also do not sprinkle mouth ,pain and With a hissing .
Jahnke hurried to use two fingers on the wolf cub, jaws ,just pinch open wolf mouth. Jahnke gasped :nomads are that the wolf has a rubber belly ,this time I really believe. Chen was beamed with delight :you see its appetite so well ,so exuberant vitality ,it doesn to keep .

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Parental advisory 52 are not even cry a cry baby

> > Oriental teacher: my daughter is now two years ten months,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com,Nike Air Foamposite One, in September this year admission. We was very strict with her, especially her father, every time not eating, will hand instruments used in " " - bamboo strips in her side pressure for her to eat.
Sometimes crying when her dad also yell at her " will not cry, do not rule out " I also often bully her, now out of the question, in kindergarten and a little boy put her wearing jade (hanging on the neck) to break, she put the jade picked it up and handed it to the teacher, not someone else is broken; last night I found her pants edge of a small label to pull only a little on the edge, I ask her " is it right? Others pulling? " she nodded yes, that is called the &quot " flute; little boys,Adidas Jeremy Scott, I asked she " you cannot see him to pull your stuff? " she said I didn't cry face " " I say you is it right? Be afraid of him, she nodded.
I asked her last jade is it right? Is that little boys, she is also said to be.> usually sometimes her wrestling,Adidas Jeremy Scott, encounter the first reaction is &quot, she said; I didn't cry face " I teach her in your pain, you have to show,Adidas Bones cabaret, crying out, that people willNote that you fell,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes, in kindergarten is the same, she nodded, but the next time she still.
Answer: Hello, carefully read your post, found you and dad's education color too. In fact, teaching children is invisible, not too many restrictions and fetters. As long as some principle problems only on it.
The children education cannot suppress the child's personality, the parents of the values on the child's body. I in a series of stories about < < &gt > parenting style;, describes the various family types, unfortunately, you belong to the most severe kind of - authoritarian parenting.
This way can suppress the child's independent personality development, children lack independent spirit. In a child after wrestling, the normal reaction is to hurt, want to cry. But your child has been you are depressed into the first reaction is " I didn't cry " this is very dangerous signal.
I didn't cry! " " the meaning is in fact that " I want to cry, but I cried would be beaten called, so I don't cry ".. children in the face of setbacks, strong and don't cry is a natural process.
Instead of " I do not cry,Adidas Wings still here, strong ". In one example, aWork hard when model worker and a want to be model workers and serious working people is not the same. Don't know,Jeremy Scott Adidas, I said that? I leave

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In 123, Forever

Love is a wonderful thing. Having a good friend is a kind of predestination, meet with their opposition person is also a kind of fate. I was lucky, I haven't met with opposition person. 123 of our bedroom although not once was rated as civilized dormitory,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott, but she is a warm home.
Said she was home, because in the bedroom, I can totally indulge themselves, just make yourself at home. I and the bedroom I completely is the two person in the classroom. (I think this phenomenon is universal) in the bedroom, aunt, put and I would have no qualms about laugh sing, laugh, no matter how ugly sing, laugh more indulgence.
Because that is very happy. But strange to say,The flowers bloom,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard, do not know is the bedroom of her temper very well or not hear, we had not once been scolded! That is one of my most loved dorm life service back that night.
Lying about,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo, is I most loves dormitory life two chat content one can imagine is our home watched TV dramas, variety shows. Remember a time, we are really crazy. Talking about the special things,Adidas with Wings, we chatted for 3, 4 nights out.
Now, I should be. Now,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings my mother grabbed, mostly I want to say.Aunt and release, especially the mother, and like me, have love to watch the youth idol drama, and once about the idol drama, about the girls, one hair get out of hand.
So three people live together, can have a safe night? Of course, the bedroom aunt also often patronize our bedroom slightly. But she did not tell monk said, really have to thank her,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear! In fact,To borrow an ox put, I think the bedroom is a family mainly because aunt and put on.
With them, I could remain free to talk, don't be afraid of saying the wrong thing. Because they are very generous. With them together for a long time, I found their some gestures have their shadow. I often say put take me " ", is actually put put another one I dug out.
But the I, only appeared in 123 to remember the first day, a lot of people say that the night insomnia, but our bedroom sleep soundly, everyone. But the first night, put (put, due to insomnia cry feel shy betray you), so, somehow, our dormitory insomnia, everybody.

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Finally finished moving home.

After a morning, finally put on Netease blog moved to Sohu, Netease dead. If it is not mandatory to carry out the new version, I guess now I wouldn't move. The new version of the Netease too picky, operating system and disorderly and trouble, the page is terribly ugly, and with the old version is not compatible, if not change, that there were only two options, either to be deactivated, or move.
On Netease is served up, then decided to move house. In fact,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com &quot, reluctant to move, to adapt to new things,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear, just enter the Sohu, registered after the show in front of is like an empty house, in addition to maintain.
The original blog name, other than I originally decorated brightly coloured nest and don't know how many good, cold, so the page style, a little bit, nest eave edge drooping leaves, plant is, start to paint the walls, like the pale brown, like entering a room sunset,Adidas with Wings, comfortable, the next election.
Then the page layout adjustment, adjustment to their familiar. The friends of the connections, so even if the new house can still see them. Move in blog text, and then found himself wrote so muchLog, then choose the nearest the 06 year, the year the mood record,Adidas Wings, is reluctant to lose, so the one one transcripts were over, even if it is only a paragraph.
Watching my friends to stay on top of the message, the mood is very complex, if can put these together into a new nest how nice it is a moved in,Adidas Bones we can really help you achieve all, found a guest has come, really quite surprised at first, after all, also did not move, a person did not know, how could anyone to leave a message or comment on, now started to adapt, because previously used system if not friends, is very difficult to contact with strangers.
So many more strange and friendly greetings,Adidas Jeremy Scott love is the most unstable sentimentMethods, really is not suited, ha ha, can't help laughing at his old fashioned. After a while others go home have a look,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard, and the neighbors say hello,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo, moving, the water, the new heaven and earth, everything is fresh and beautiful.

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